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The following is a list of shiurim which are currently offered at Congregation Beth Hamedrosh. Check the calendar or call the shul office for times and details:


Daf Yomi - a daily Talmud class which takes place each morning before Shacharis.


Shulchan Aruch Program for Men - taught by Rabbi Gross on Monday nights at the shul. See the calendar for time.


Chumash Learning Group - this is a small learning group on the parsha for the week, based upon Rashi and other commentators. Participants have the opportunity to both work on their Hebrew reading skills and explore the meaning of the parsha. Taught by Sheldon Feinstein.


Shabbos Afternoon Shiur - a Saturday afternoon class, taught by Rabbi Gross, which meets 40 minutes before mincha except during the winter. The class is presently going through the Book of Joshua.


Midreshet Yom Rishon - monthly shiurim for women with guest speakers co-sponsored with Lower Merion Synagogue

Monthly Women's Shabbat Rosh Hodesh Learning (topics vary)


Shiurim on Various Topics taught by Rabbi Gross throughout the year (such as Halachic Myth Busters; Basic Judaism; on the Chagim)


We are Proud to partner with the First Seder Program: A Daily Beis Medrash Program for Men. Rabbi Gross teaches a daily Chumash shiur at 11:20.

Check the calendar for the times of the regularly scheduled shiurim.

Check the events on the home page for other shiurim.




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